About World Foods

We are food traders, not food brokers.

We know the food business. World Foods, Inc. was started July 2001.  All the principals involved in this company have a combined experience of over 27 years in this industry. We specialize in purchasing manufacturers over-run inventories. We will look at close-coded, out of code, off spec, packaging changes, etc.

World Foods sells nationally, with our main outlets for excess inventories being food banks, keeping the needy supplied with quality foods. We also sell to secondary markets such as discount and salvage stores.  We will certainly follow any restrictions you may have on your inventories so that we do not disturb your normal channels of distribution.  Just let us know where not to sell and we will gladly abide by those restrictions.  In regards to transportation, we typically use our own freight brokers to pick product up FOB your warehouse, regardless of where it is located.

After reviewing our website, if your company has any of the above problem inventories, let World Foods help you solve the problem.  We welcome the opportunity to do business with you.

Call 651-426-4211 for more information on selling your food products or consumer packaged goods.